Registry Cleaner Comes to the Rescue!

Are you annoyed with your PC because it has slowed down? If you are optimistic, you would probably use the time it takes to open a folder to take a shower and come back before it opens! Living with a computer that slow is, well, quite an experience – not a pleasant one, however! So, what can you do speed up your computer? The cause of the problem could lie with the Windows Registry getting full, it slows down the computer.

The Windows Registry is a very important part of your system containing several files that have vital information about the system settings. Be it information regarding software installations, application data, system settings etc, the windows registry has them all. The problem is that when it gets loaded with an enormous amount of information, it tends to slow down the booting process and your PC in general becomes slow. And if your PC is the damsel in distress, the Registry Cleaner is the knight in the shining armour!

It is possible to manually remove unwanted files from the Windows Registry, but not practical; and definitely not advisable. As mentioned earlier, it contains vital information and if you do not know what you are doing, you might end up removing files that are critical for startup and operation. Even if you know what you are doing, you might need a lifetime to remove the files – there are thousands of them. So, what you can do is install a registry cleaner, which is software that removes unimportant files from the Windows Registry.

As a result, your computer will speed up, in general – you would be amazed at how much faster it becomes than earlier. All you have to do is find the right registry cleaner software that will recognize the files that are no longer necessary and remove them. So, how do you do it? What should you look for in the software?

First you need to arm yourself with information on what software is available. There are free registry cleaners available to download but often these don’t get to the root cause of the problems or they do the scan but don’t actually remove the files – asking you to upgrade to the premium version to do so. On top of this there is also the danger of installing malware as fraudsters have capitalized on the registry cleaner market by releasing fake software which actually installs spyware and other nasties.

Good registry cleaner software will run a scan and repair and organize the data, correct the registry key entries and so on, automatically. This is also on a regular basis so that the efforts of the user are reduced as much as possible. In the case of a brand new computer, the data in the registry is organized, but as you use it, the entries will become outdated and errors may creep in. Because of these, the computer not only slows down but there are chances for it to crash. A good registry cleaner can fix all these issues automatically.

Based on reviews from reputed tech blogs like CNET, PC World and TechRepublic, some of the best registry cleaner software available includes: RegCure, PC Health Advisor, Registry Mechanic and System mechanic. On installing the software you will find a remarkable change in the functioning of your PC. The first welcome change would be the increase in the speed of the computer. The data in the Windows Registry will also be more organized and the unwanted entries removed. Install a good registry cleaner software to always have the feeling of working with a brand new computer!

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